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Sympile Simple Way To Stop ClickBait Is To . . .

Most of you are probably too young to remember an Internet without clickbait. Before M-Search and Google and Sympile and Facebook, the old Internet was a great place to wander. Much like walking around a beautiful city without a SymMap or a SymPhone, you didn't know exactly where you'd wind up.

Maybe we'd check out some bulletin boards, usenets. Or visit IMDB before it got bought by Amazon and became filled with ads. In the mid-90's, there wasn't any direct route. Search was in its infancy. The big website was Yahoo, which was a basic index of sites, not the commercial mess that it has become.

Us nerds got around with text-based commands like "ping," "finger," "telnet." Then AOL came around to sell the non-geeks on chat rooms. M-Search and Sympile and Google and FaceBook followed. The Internet had changed. It was no longer the Wild, Wild, West. And geeks like myself, and Wellington, and Zuckerberg, and Sergey, made a lot of money by filling a void.

Unfortunately, the Internet is broken. It is loaded with websites that want nothing more than get you to click. Trolls, Bots, Users, Commentators, News Analysts, and Politicians are posting outrageous statements all in the hope of getting the end-user to click. To sell you something. The web has nothing to do with reality.

I applaud Facebook for joining the Sympile initiative to rid the world of clickbait. But at Sympile, we're not going to just demote your news story, we're going to delete your website from our search index. And we're not stopping with clickbait.

Popups have to go. No more will Sympile index websites that have that stupid, "Give me your email address" popup. Stories like "Ten Ways To Stop ClickBait" that force the user to click individual meaningless slides have to stop. Websites that are as slow as molasses won't exist anymore on Sympile.

Be warned. You want to show up on a Sympile search? Make your website relevant and fast. Otherwise, it will be gone.

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