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It's About Time That Apple Is Getting Slammed For Taxes

I'm no fan of the European Union. For years they've been going after Sympile on anti-trust matters making the ridiculous allegations that we've been biasing our search returns to push Sympile products.

"Iphone sucks. Symphone's great."

We've never done anything like that and never will. As the world's largest search engine, Sympile certainly understands our responsibility to provide fair and unbiased search results.

But quite frankly, I'm finally glad that the EU has brought the hammer down on Apple.

The European Commission has concluded that Ireland granted undue tax benefits of up to €13 billion. This is illegal under EU state aid rules, as it allowed Apple to pay substantially less tax than other businesses.

Sympile has always paid its fair share of corporate taxes. And I'm constantly getting slammed at shareholder meetings for not following the Apple/Ireland Tax Model. I get angry just looking at the below graphic from the EU. How could anyone think it was fair to record all profits from European sales in Ireland? An effective tax rate of 0.005%? Are you kidding me? You should see how much Sympile pays in taxes.

Graphic From EU Explaining the The Preferential Treatment Given By Ireland To AppleGraphic Courtesy of EU Press Release 30 August 2016

My position at the Sympile Annual Shareholder Meetings has always been that the Ireland Corporate Tax Model violated European Union Rules. I've finally been proven correct.

As long as I continue to head Sympile, our policy of being a responsible corporate neighbor will never change. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it's good for our business model.

Today, it was Apple. Tomorrow, will it be Google or FaceBook that will be making tax headlines?

We will see.

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