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iPhone 7 Costs Too Much!

Tim, are you kidding me! You're going to charge how much for the iPhone 7? You must think we're all billionaires.

It's surprising to me that anyone will pay $700 for the new iPhone except for a few Apple fanboys. Personally, I was never much of a iPhone fan. Much too expensive.

At Sympile, we've always placed the consumer first and that's why our next SymPhone is going to be free. That's right, free.*

But you may be wondering, how is Sympile going to make money? Volume. Rimshot, please!

*Here's the small print. You'll have to sign up for a two-year contract at $19.99 per month, excluding taxes, FCC fees, etc.

I know it sounds too good to be true. But it's not. Phones don't cost very much to make. Have you seen the price of a 60" TV lately? Costs no more than a few hundred bucks. You tell me how an iPhone could cost $700.

The sad part is that the sky-high pricing screws Apple's most loyal fans. They're the ones that are going to rush out to buy the newest, latest, greatest, must-have. Only to find the pricing drop not too much later. You certainly do pay a premium to be an Apple consumer.

I can hear those loyalists now: "Al, don't be so jealous. The iPhone 7 is a million times better than any SymPhone."

Yeah, a sealed phone without a headphone jack is a million times better than a Symphone that will always has a replaceable battery with connectors that you can use.

Our SymPhone is made to be used today and tomorrow. And unlike Apple, "planned obsolescence" is not a part of our Sympile lingo.

We care about the environment at Sympile. That's why our logo is green and that is why we will always make a phone that lasts for many years.

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